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Multihands CST with Jane Colacicco and Me (Debbie) August 8, 9th.

Two CranioSacral therapists for one hour sessions is a powerfully healing experience.  The body uses both therapist's skill set, energy and circuitry to release restriction, tension, patterns of dysfunction and so on from the client's body.

Cranio Sacral Therapy Frequent Buyer Special~Buy 3 CST sessions get 1 free!  4 sessions for $300. That's a $100 discount!! Payment due at first session for whole package. 

Great CST explanation by physicist Tim Hutton, PhD, CST-D


Our Monday Meditation class is rocking every Monday night from 7-8pm!  Come check it out!

Come join us every Monday (or every third Wednesday of the month, 7-9pm) for meditation and information on your energy space!    

Art Class!!  Come join us to paint with acrylics and open our creative channels! This class is 90 minutes and class fee is $5.  Canvases available for purchase $5-10.  

Next Class: Saturday August 12th, 2017

Please Reserve a space by calling Debbie 559-696-6442.

How Meditation can help you.

Help overcome anxiety, depression, anger and             confusion(Psychosomatic Medicine, 2009)

Cultivate healthy habits that lead to weight loss

(Journal Emotion, 2007)

Boost your creativity

(ScienceDaily, 2010)

Increase your focus and attention

(University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2010)

Overcome stress

               (University of Massachusetts Medical School, 2003) 

I've taken the first, second, third and fourth levels of Upledger Institute CranioSacral Therapy(CST). Upledger Institute's human Anatomy Dissection, Brain Speaks 1 & 2 and Clinical applications for SER, SERTIP, Advanced 1, Pediatrics 1&2, Conception, Pregnancy, Birthing 1, CranioSacral Cranial Nerves 1.  This year i will be taking  Conception, Pregnancy, Birthing 2 and working with advanced practitioner's to hone skills.  I'm still working towards UI certification.  CST is a light touch therapy using 5 grams of pressure(the weight of a nickel)or less!  This therapy is based on structure and function.  CST practitioner's evaluate your internal environment then use light touch techniques to release any restrictions they find. By freeing these restrictions it encourages the central nervous system to perform at its best.  This therapy is safe for most everyone from infants to elderly.  It helps the body restore optimal health and wellness.  Give me a call to schedule your craniosacral visit mention this note post and receive $10 off single session of CST!!  For further reading go to www.upledger.com


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