Sometimes as I observe life I see that struggle people have.  I see how badly they need a little reprieve.  At times it lends me to a place where I can crack a joke or say a kind word. 
Today I worked with a long time client that is very distinguished, I thought about how he has seen so much that can only be considered history now.  I was counting the eras, thinking he was probably born in 1917.  How he served in 2 wars, he lived through all the amazing changes socially, politically and economically.  I saw today that he too struggles with living.  He seemed happy I was there to help him up.  He seemed happy that I was there today because that meant he did something a little bit differently than usual. 
Do you ever wonder how in the heck did I get here?  I think most of us do from time to time.  There are so many wonderful things going on at all times of the day or night.  It is easy to swept up in busily living, so much so, that before we can say when, we are overwhelmed. 
It is so important to know that we are all connected.  If you are busy or slow, sick or healthy, rich or poor, young or old, we share the same air.  I also believe that when you want something you give birth to the possibility of getting what you want.  When I start to see the blur of activity I remember that I am in the driver's seat doing the doing.  There is no one else to steer how fast or slow things go except for myself.  This is not such a bad thing, when I am hurried I can choose to pull over and rest.  When I am slow I can choose to refuel, tune up, and venture anew.