So here we are, January 1st, 2011...I am sure I have great company in thinking how time has been so quick and jammed full of life.  I decided before I would rest tonight I would write a few lines(or more perhaps) on my world.  I can barely contain the excitement I feel mounting within sensing the great things already taking shape before me.  I have great friends beside me, healthy family(including myself), business is humming along, I'm in appreciation and joy more and more every day.  
 Even when I am unhappy with a particular happening I seem to find my way into ease and balance more masterfully than ever.  It is truly a blessing and my heart is in gratitude.  This is where I am choosing to focus, practice is paramount in my journey.  So as life would have it no other way, I find myself with opportunity after opportunity to practice.  Meditation has become a multi-daily practice.  I have hope to keep finding improvement with this practice as it helps keep my focus on what is important.  How I feel of course!  I find myself learning to let go of guilt, pain, sorrow, regret and the list goes on.  
My perception shift has been tipping more and more positive as the years have passed.  I am always expanding on this.  I have accepted that I will have my moments(hopefully not hours or days) of searching for the ease and flow of life's energy vortex.  Knowing more fully with each opportunity to practice how I am doing.  That feeling of knowing you are in a challenge space, seeing you have choices, knowing what you'd like, focusing on it, believing in the dream and watching it come into reality.
Even as I am writing this I am aware that I am choosing to write with positivity and hopefulness, this is my choice to put a creative and powerful energy on my website.  It is meant for me to practice sharing positive energy/positive thoughts. I understand so little yet know with all I am that life is as it IS.  When I have doubt I focus on the dream, remember my tools and allow my abundance to flow. 
I am looking forward to a full year of awesome happenings in 2011.  I am feeling grateful to all Creation.  I encourage all of you to dream, focus on how you feel, practice acceptance, believe in your dreams, be in gratitude and joy for what your dreams manifest.  Happy New Year!  May you flourish and prosper.  In joy~Debbie