Did you know that the planet's vibration is rising?  The physical vibration of Mother Earth is rising and with it our bodies are having to adjust.  Have you noticed feeling tired, overwhelmed, stressed more than usual, feeling as though things are moving fast and faster everyday, feelings of being surrounded by chaos?

 These are a few signs
 that you are feeling the increase in energy or hertz of the planet.  Now is the time to listen to your body and hear what it needs to move through this transformation with grace and ease.
Here are some tools that help me and my clients...
Rest, drinking more water, scheduling breaks that are restful/re-energizing, doing things that bring you joy, changing your diet to suit your body- like cut back on sugar, sugar has an irritating effect on the body.  It is toxic to the brain and nervous system, cut back on hard to digest foods, if exercise is too little or too much adjust by tuning in to what you need in this phase of energy right now.  

 If you are asking yourself how you tune in this is a great place for me to share the most awesome tool of meditation!  It is through meditation and prayer that you tune in to what is in your best interest.  
There are many books, CD's, tutorials online, and local classes like mine in the area to practice.  Practicing meditation and prayer is an ancient practice that has been used to help oneself with growth.  
When looking for a class, book, CD, seminar, or whatever it is be sure that you have a sense of excitement and joy. That's how you know you got the right practice for you.  And if you practice awhile and find you have lost that joy or excitement then perhaps it is time to move to another style of practice or more in depth practice.

 And of course I cannot leave out all the wonderful therapies that help ease the transition of your own vibration.  Massage Therapies, Sound Therapy(this can be music or therapeutic sound healing), hypnosis/regression therapy, water therapies(Watsu/Waterdance), creative art, detox cleanses, positive feedback, NET/EFT(neuro-emotional technique and Emotional Freedom Technique).  And last but not least... ANYTHING THAT GIVES YOU A SENSE OF JOY, FUN, BLISS!! 
With that last sentence in mind, being present is a must in order to know what gives you joy in the here and now.  If you find yourself in the past recollecting joy or holding onto the plan of joy in the future...you are missing the present of being in the moment.  Anything but the real thing just won't do.  Using practices that keep you from being fully present and in the now as a self empowered being is one of the many deceptions we subscribe to.  So as an empowered human being unsubscribe and find the activities that bring you that fullness of being and owning all you got going on in this moment.  

Love and light to you all!