Boy, how the years fly by!  Six years ago I started Well Within my own little nook in the world.  It was a long way to that place of opening the door to an expansive world in inner world making an appearance in the outside world.  I can remember the hesitation, the self conscious negative talk asking, "Who are you?  And What in the world are you doing?"  But from the time I was a child I can remember vivid dreams of a place where people could be free, happy, and healthy.  Knowing that I could share love, knowledge, and spread positive change.  And here six years later as I sit in the County Clerks Office renewing my business name, I realized how things had changed.  How I have changed.  I am happy in my work, happy in my personal life, happy to keep on exploring new talents, and techniques.  I am realizing that indeed my childhood dreams of affecting positive change daily in people's lives is an actuality.  It gives way to a rush of abundance and whir of spirals in my stomach a sign I have come to know as a deep understanding of truth.  My truth about who and what I am.  Thank you Mother Earth.  Thank you Father sky.  Thank you Supreme Being.  Thank you Universe.  Thank you God.