Let's see where in the world have I been...Since I last blogged I've been to San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Mill Valley, and of course various locations around the greater Fresno area.  I have met some wonderful people and made some new friends.  I am enjoying the Meditation Monday's Class.  I am enjoying my teaching time and love the connection with all the participants. 
I am now practicing Reiki in addition to all the other healing modalities, thank you Barb!  My work on people has gotten more talk lately, which is always fun.  My next adventure is taking Reiki II and scheduling a few small trips coming up.  I hope to make it to San Diego to sit in for a clairvoyant program, as well as a woman's shamanic group. 
There is a meeting in San Francisco in July to see the teachings of Abraham, a wonderfully powerful lecture that has changed my life.  And I am toying with the idea of visiting my sister in Greece.  All very fun and exciting. 
I am using my knowledge of manifesting to bring these opportunities into reality.  So far so good.  The web site building is a challenge for me as you can tell by following my progress but I am learning a new skill and building a new appreciation for those who do this full-time. 
Lastly, before signing off I would like to thank all my friends, fellow teachers, family, and random encounters with strangers for your valuable information and aid in my personal expansion.  It is with deep gratitude I adventure on!