I have been having fun, fun, fun with my dear friend Debbie the last few days.  She called me Saturday and asked if i would go and pick her up some 200 miles away and bring her back to my house.  I was so excited to spend time with her.  We were business partners for 7 months until she moved to San Diego 3 weeks ago.  Since she moved I have been in a huge growth period of letting go and rebuilding on several levels.  So I was ecstatic to see that I would be seeing her so soon.  I thought she would be too busy and it would be a couple of months at least!  You know how moving can be!    I was missing her so much  and I am glad to say that I had a hand in manifesting this little sojourn.  And so it goes that I have had many conversations with her aka, glory gab sessions, sharing all the news of these last few weeks untill now, and what her becoming my friend, work partner, and bestest playmate has brought me.  And what fun it is!! ....more to come later.  Back to visiting with Deb.  Blessings to all and your treasured friends!