So I have been beating around the bush for quite some time...with friends, family, acquaintances.  I have been reluctant to share my true feelings.  The way I think and feel without filters or making it palatable for those around me, which equates to making it less intense or less in vibration.  The funny thing is I have been working to lift my vibration and be the true energetic, blissful person I am for almost a decade.  So now I am at this pivotal jumping off point.  The realization that I have a choice be true to me and who I am or continue to do the status quo. Doling out drops of what i want to say at a time...being patient and allowing to all the excuses that come up that prevents the soul connection that begs attention. 
Everything is lining up for me to leap and yet I wait in a holding pattern hoping that whatever may be down below to break my fall will not be a fall at all, but it will be me spreading my wings and flying.

So as dramatic as I have painted that, the truth is i am sensitive.  In every form of the word.  It doesn't mean weak or ill or crazy.  It means I see and feel everything.  I see how things relate to one another.  I see people's pains and joys.  I see future, past and present.  
So to my family, friends and acquaintances...know that  my compassion and love is deep.  Know that love is always the light, know that my choice to remain sensitive is not to hurt or bother you.  It is my choice to be free to love and share deep soul connections with everything in the Universe.