Today is my youngest daughter's birthday.  She happens to be the youngest and last of my children.  As my eldest son and I were decorating at midnight last night, we discussed what Rachel means to us.  She is funny, and I don't mean little kid kind of funny.  I mean she really gets humor and doesn't miss a beat for a punchline kind of funny.Frosting cupcakes, hanging streamers, and happy birthday banners got me thinking of all the years and the number of times I have done this labor that moms and dads do in celebration of birthdays.  68.  Sixty-eight birthdays for my children, there have been bounce houses, circus clowns, skating, BBQ's, sleepovers, dance parties, football parties, tea parties, faerie princess parties, paint ball, lazer tag, craft parties, movie parties, amusement park parties... you get the idea.        
The flurry of years pass by with celebration after celebration