What are the causes for stress in your life?  I am sure you can answer that question with a few answers active in your life. How do you handle the day to day in your life?  I am going to share some of the tools I use and how I keep myself from too much stress in my life
1.  Conscious Breathing

This helps to slow down the heart rate, bring focus to simple center and after a few deep and slow breaths I usually feel better.

2.  Making sure my blood sugar doesn't dip or hike too extreme by having snacks on hand.  I like nuts, granola, cheese sticks, protein bars and salad.

Sometimes it is hard to pinpoint why the body is in a stress state, but one huge cause is improper nutrition.  If you are sensitive to food like me pay attention to what snacks work well for you.

3.  Water and proper hydration!

I live in Fresno, CA aka. the desert!  I cannot explain to my East Coast friends how hot it is here!  103 degrees is hot.  Drinking water and balancing electrolytes are important.  Using REAL SALT(a brand) and drinking water is important.  The body sweats out cell salts.  You can take homeopathic cell salts to help balance this as well.  I recently used them when I went to Mammoth(8,000 feet elevation) and i did not get headaches or elevation sickness.  Consuming foods or juice of Watermelon, celery, cucumber are good ways for restoring water in the body. Baths and baths with Epsom Salt can help as well. 

4.  Meditation

I meditate everyday.  When I first started it was difficult.  I made excuses, got distracted, felt like it wasn't working...that is why it is a practice!  Over the years I have become better and better at focus, using the meditation techniques to help center and ground.  These terms may be foreign to you but in a simple way, this tool has helped me to go from chaos to calm.  I can now use simple meditation exercises(mindfulness, TM, visualizations) to relieve any chaotic feelings/energies in a few moments.  This reason is, in part, why I teach meditation classes every week.  

5.  Reiki, Energy balancing, Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Sound Therapy, Toning, Chiropractic, Shamanic Journeywork, Drumming.

Again these terms may be foreign to some, but everything is energy and in that vein there are ways to effect change in the physical body to release stress.  The brain waves can change from excitable states to restful states using these techniques.  In these practices the nervous system, circulation, respiration, blood system, muscular system and skeletal system are all affected.  

6.  Laughter, silliness, playfulness, Creativity, Expression of words/thoughts.

Here this can be talking with good friends, seeing fun movies, reading good books, playing with pets or children, exercise events, writing in a journal, painting, playing musical instruments and so on.   
Another reason why I have creative paint classes, drum circles and walking meditations at my office.

7.  Letting go of the days stress that we perceive all around us.

Our boss' stress, our governments problems, our sister's divorce woes, our children's struggles with friends...let it go.  This does not mean you cannot address challenges, do your part to help or ignore our loved ones.  It means do not carry stress in your body.  It means allow yourself to release any judgements or fears you may have and hold in yourself.  It means accept what is, allow yourself to be open, set goals or decide where you stand on a subject in your life.  
Having a group, support system to talk over issues is a plus.  Meetup.com or community mental health groups meet to share such ideas.

8.  Exercise

The science of exercise for health, vitality and de-stressing is ample.  Try a walk, bike ride or swim and see for yourself.
I like to sauna too, stretching and moving feels better after a long day at work.  I like dancing to, yesterday was abdominal focused seeing if I could do any belly dancing...quite funny but it definitely was fun and felt good to move.

And if you find yourself making excuses that all these tools do not suit you, explore and find some that do!  Everyone is unique in that we all find pleasure or motivation for different activities.  Find what works for you and USE them to manage stress in your daily living.