Monday Meditation Class

7-8 pm at the office

                                         7940 N. Maple Ste. 101~ Fresno, CA

Come join us EVERY Monday for a relaxed practice of visual meditation.  Learn how to help yourself!  Basic grounding, clearing, running energy, and manifesting techniques.   Love donations are appreciated.

I get asked often do we sit "zazen" or in lotus.  That's criss cross applesauce for us Western minded.  The answer is "No."  You sit in a chair.  This class doesn't have any requirements.  Just come and be.  No special clothes or anything.  So glad you all keep asking!!
*New addition...we will have meditations and tools class the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 7-9pm! This class is one time per month.  Love donations accepted.


Sound Therapy Class 

3 classes 2 hours each. $300.

Learn simple basics of delivering a healing session of sound therapy using tuning forks, voice toning, tibetan bowls and chimes.  You can purchase tuning forks online there are many kinds and sets.  I like to have a drummed head or weighted pair for my work. This type of fork is used on the body.  I like middle C or C# forks because that is the tonal frequency of Earth.  I have sets of tuning forks without drums/weights, those will be shown to you in class. These forks are used over and around the body.  Both are healing as they emit a tone and hertz. Raising the body's vibration is key to helping a person heal any "dis-ease". 

Bring your tuning forks, chimes, bowls, gongs, a notebook to take notes, and a small nutritious snack.  

Please call or email to reserve your class spot.  Seating is limited and fees are due by the beginning of the first class.  It is important to bring the sound tools you wish to use in your therapy.  This class will cover a few types of tools, how to use them and why.  This class is for any interested person who wants to learn how to give a sound healing session.  Check out the links page for sound  product sites.

next class dates: TBA


Join me for a fun way to jump start your creativity using art.  Class starts with 15 minutes of meditation to open the channels of creativity, followed by 90 minutes of art.  Class fee: $5. per class.  

Canvas available for purchase.

Next class:TBA

Call or email for more information.   

Usui and Karuna Reiki classes.


Bring a snack, lunch/drinks.  Hot tea, water, trail mix, will be available as well.  $125.  Call Debbie to Reserve your spot.  559-696-6442.

USUI REIKI LEVEL 2 CLASS.  TBA ~11am-3pm:  $250.  BRING Lunch, Snacks and Drinks.  CALL TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT.  

Usui Master level class.  Next Class: TBA                    Bring sack lunch, snacks and drinks.  $500.

All Reiki classes have a $25 deposit fee to hold your space the remainder of the class must be paid for in full by the time of class.  10 days notice to cancel your spot less than 10 days notice $25. registration fee will be non-refundable.

Karuna I,II,Master $350.

*You must be a Usui Master before taking Karuna Reiki.

Come Learn About Spirit Guides and Angels!

This is a short class that discusses spirit guides and angels.  Learn how you can communicate with your "team" in the spirit world.  Through a wonderful guided Meditation exercise you can ask your spirit guide's/angel's name/s.

April 3rd, 7pm-8pm

love donations accepted.


Intro to Juicing for Health

I have been juicing for more than 10 years.  I have poured over many juice books, herbal books, and health books praising the great benefits of raw vegetable and fruit juices.  I have helped clients recuperate from different illnesses with juicing as a part of their therapy.

This class is for the basics for getting started on juicing for your health.  We will sample some juice, learn how to prepare produce, go over some of the benefits of juicing, and discuss machine types.  This is a two hour class/demo.  For those looking for a way to increase stamina, health, and speed up metabolism.  This is for you!  It is fun, simple, and tasty!

This class is held at the office.

Email or call to reserve space class size limited.


Sliding scale $25.-$40.

Next Class date: call for more info.


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