Massage Therapy: $80/hour

I practice a mix of many wonderful massage techniques.  I customize each session to each individual.  Some of the modalities I use are: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Kiatsu, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Lomi Lomi, pressure point and Cranial Sacral techniques.

I have many hours of experience and each client is different, with that in mind I am very focused on keeping my clients comfortable and communicating ways to get more out of each visit.


Sound Therapy:  $40/session

Vibrations Sound Therapy is a soothing and beautiful way to raise your body's vibration.  I use tuning forks (C#), ting shaws, tibetan bowl, and voice toning.  I use crystals and lights as an added boost to the experience.  You can either add sound to any service or experience it solo.  If you choose to only have sound you will remained clothed.
This is excellent for tuning you up!  I have seen so many people benefit from this relaxing session.  It is 30 minutes and really gives you so much, try it out!


Mind, Body, Spirit Life Coaching:  $350. for 3 session series.

MBS is a fantastic voyage!  Join me in exploring the wonderful world of you!  I have been doing "official" life coaching/mentor ship for 3 years.  I wrote and developed a program that is simple and fun.  It depends on you how in depth we go.  It is meant to kick start personal growth and journeying to look closer at yourself. I use my own program to start the voyage.  Together we weave the tapestry. 


Reiki:  $25-65. /session

Reiki is a form of energy work that uses the Universal Life Force Energy through ancient symbols.  It has been likened to the healings across many cultures where laying on of hands occurs.  Reiki Master, Dr. Usui from Japan is credited with bringing it into modern times.  It is an Ancient Healing Modality and incredible healing experience.  I have used this on children (including infants), adults, animals, and long distance.  The session consists of the laying on of hands (in positions) as Reiki energy is directed into the client.  Reiki is typically done as you lay on a massage table, dressed comfortably and with shoes removed.  However, if need be it can be done in a seated position.


During a session you may feel the energy flow and balancing take place.  I often get feedback from clients that say it was like sleep but they were aware they were not really asleep but super relaxed and calm.  Some people experience seeing colors or feeling heat or cool.


Recent studies have been done with Cancer patients and Reiki treatments.  Studies found patients that received Reiki sessions reported improved conditions from better handling chemotherapy to happier mood and outlook.

Reiki is a great tool for healing and growth and can be used with other forms of healing/medicine.     

REIKI for Animals:  $15-35 per session. 

Private Meditation Session:  $20.

Learn basic visual meditation tools to help yourself with focus, managing stress and self empowerment.  Meditation studies show that people who meditate are less likely to be ill, have more joy in their lives and have an easier time focusing on tasks.   

CranioSacral Therapy:  $100. per session.

CranioSacral Therapy is a light touch therapy that frees restrictions of the body that affects the brain's membrane and spinal cord covering(dura).  By releasing these restrictions it encourages the body to heal itself and return to homeostasis.  This therapy is light touch and therefore safe for most everyone from infants to elders.

Most people experience a very calm and relaxing session, but everyone is individual so I have heard a few different explanations such as:  felt like waves, rocking, sleeping or deep rest, very uplifting.

CranioSacral Therapy is done fully clothed while you relax on a massage table.  

I am currently taking more training classes with The Upledger Institute, it is a science backed therapy developed by Dr. Upledger with a proven track record of decreasing pain and disease. 


**If paying with paypal please add $5 for paypal service.  Thank you.


One Mobile Massage:  $15-20./person per session.

One Mobile Massage (OMM) was started in an effort to bring a health and wellness break to the workplace.  Chair Massage in the workplace is a great benefit for employees and employers. 

one Mobile Massage is a mobile chair massage service focused on providing stress relief in the work environment. This service is designed to help promote relaxation and restore energy.  Bodywork eases sore muscles and improves overall health. By having this massage service in your work place, you provide the means to improve morale and simultaneously offer health benefits on-site. Our commitment and driving force is to bring positive change to a busy world by “Changing the Face of business!”

If you are interested in providing massage in your office please call or email to set up a consultation.


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